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ND Senate approves lowering oil tax

BISMARCK — Senate lawmakers voted 32-15 late Thursday in favor of lowering the oil extraction tax and removing price-based tax breaks after three hours of vigorous debate.

ENERGY: Turning out turbines

ENERGY: Turning out turbines

Family-owned Dakota Turbines targets small producers with innovative


Whiting Petroleum works to mitigate fire losses

Whiting Petroleum works to mitigate fire losses

RURAL KEENE, N.D. — Thousands of acres of scorched earth northwest of Keene are evidence of how quickly an oil well flare fire can damage ranch grass and miles of fence line.


ND Legislature increases oil tax revenue share for Bakken

BISMARCK – Senate and House lawmakers gave final approval Wednesday to a bill designed to send a greater share of oil tax revenue to areas of western North Dakota strained by the impacts of oil development.

ND lawmakers introduce compromise in oil tax debate

BISMARCK – Senators introduced a bipartisan compromise Wednesday in the ongoing oil tax debate, proposing to change the overall tax rate to 10 percent unless oil prices average above $90 a barrel.

Tribal chairman proposes amendments to oil tax rate change

Tribal chairman proposes amendments to oil tax rate change

BISMARCK – The chairman of the tribes whose lands produce 30 percent of North Dakota’s oil proposed changes Tuesday to a late-session bill that would lower the state’s oil extraction tax by 30 percent and scrap two tax breaks designed to keep oil companies drilling through low crude prices.


North Dakota Industrial Commission grants flaring exemption

BISMARCK – The North Dakota Industrial Commission granted relief Tuesday from its natural gas flaring policy after a pipeline project failed to move forward and the alternative will take another year to construct.

ND Dems say $6B at risk in oil tax cuts

BISMARCK – Democratic leaders said Tuesday a bill to reform North Dakota oil taxes could cost the state more than $6 billion over the next decade.

Dalrymple signs bill to enhance pipeline safety

BISMARCK – Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed legislation Monday that will strengthen the state’s regulatory oversight of gathering pipelines.

Dakota Spirit AgEnergy taking in corn

Dakota Spirit AgEnergy taking in corn

FARGO, N.D.—It's been a long time, coming, but Mike Clemens of Wimbledon, N.D., says he was proud to be one of the first farmers in line to deliver corn at the Dakota Spirit AgEnergy ethanol plant at Spiritwood, N.D., earlier this month.


ND House approves new formula lowering oil extraction tax

BISMARCK – House lawmakers voted 57-32 Monday to eliminate price-based oil tax breaks and set a lower tax on oil extraction, sending the last-minute bill to the Senate Tuesday where contentious debate is expected to continue.

ND legislators debate oil tax cuts

BISMARCK – A House committee took three hours of testimony Monday on a bill that would eliminate price-based oil tax breaks and set a lower flat tax on oil extraction.

California imports of Bakken crude by barge sets record in 2014

SAN FRANCISCO - California imports of Bakken crude oil from North Dakota on barges totaled a record 1.5 million barrels last year, 27 percent greater than the amount that reached the state by rail, the California Energy Commission told Reuters on Thursday.

Slowdown impacts Bakken product show, but exhibitors keep making connections

The slowdown of oil production and drilling in the Bakken Oil Patch is apparent even in the sales and trade areas.

PolyMet CEO says copper may help waning mining industry

DULUTH, Minn. -- A person could certainly understand why the mood might be dour at the annual Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration conference in Duluth this week.

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